The Challenge

Here is the plan for the challenge:

The challenge will take place in 2011, when I will run 12 half marathons (13.1 miles).  The more fun the race, the better!  Though the goal is to run all half marathons, I may have to cut a few back to shorter races (like 10Ks) if I get injured - but I'm hoping for the best!

In all of these races, my goal is to finish.  Though of course I love to challenge myself, time is not something I am pushing to improve all year.  If I get any friends/family to come watch my races and I want to stop and take a picture, I will.  For me, getting back to running and doing twelve races in one year is enough of a challenge for me, and I don't feel the need to competitively race them all. 

I welcome others to join me in the challenge (or part of it), so please read the "getting involved" section to find out more!