Race Schedule

My race list is constantly changing and always tentative.  Right now, one of the challenges is to provide a healthy amount of time between each race for recovery but complete all 12 races in the year which is trickier than I anticipated.  I've created a document of all possible races, and keep at least a month or two of races on my schedule at all times.  So this list may look short since I'm only listing races which I've already registered for, but there are plenty more to come!

*Note: The first race was not technically part of the challenge. I spent the few months before this race training and preparing, and first told my mom about the 11,12,13 challenge after I completed this race.  Until that afternoon, she thought this was the only race I was training for and had no idea about the challenge. Since it was raising money for arthritis and it was the weekend before Thanksgiving when we think about all the things we have to be grateful for, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my plan.  It also gave me a qualifying time so that I could be in a more accurate pacing corral for my later races.

-November 20, 2010 - 10K Jingle Bell Run/Walk*
1) January 8, 2011 - Disney World Half Marathon (complete!)
2) February 27, 2011 - Disney's Princess Half Marathon (complete!)
3) March 26, 2011 - National Half Marathon (complete!)
4) April 16, 2011 - Dismal Swamp Stomp (complete!)
5) April 30, 2011 - Nashville Country Music Half Marathon (Rock n Roll Series) (complete!)
6) May 7, 2011 - Frederick Running Festival (Half Marathon) (complete!)
7) May 29, 2011 - Alexandria Running Festival (Half Marathon) (complete!)
8) June 5, 2011 - ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon (complete!)
9) Sept 4, 2011 - Rock n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon (complete!)
10) Sept 18, 2011 - Rock n Roll Philly Half Marathon (complete)
11) Oct 15, 2011 - Baltimore Running Festival (Half Marathon) (complete!)
12) Oct 30, 2011 - Marine Corps Marathon (full marathon) (complete!)

Just for fun:
-June 19, 2011 - Dash 4 Dad Four Miler

Have suggestions for races?  Please send them to me at 111213challenge@gmail.com!  Though I try to keep up with races that might be of interest, the best way to hear about races is word of mouth. 

Some of you may know I was supposed to go home to run the Virginia is For Lover's 14k in February.  As I mention in my blog, I got pretty sick in February and didn't make that race.  Since I'd already registered, my dad went and got the shirt for me - but sadly I had to skip running.