Getting Involved

There are so many ways to get involved!  I'll use this page to try to list some of the best ways you can help, but I'm open to any idea.  There's really just a few of us working to make this happen (and we all have full time jobs), so we appreciate any help, suggestions, or creative fundraising options.  Just send me an email to

-Donate - It will always take money for charities to make a difference, and National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) is no exception.  I have a very generous donor, my dad, who has watched the impact of psoriatic arthritis (PA) on my mom and wants to help make a difference.  Together, my parents have decided that they will match the first $13,100 of donations that I receive, which will go toward psoriatic arthritis research through NPF.  I can't tell you how amazing this opportunity is - but it means raising money is even more important, because every dollar I raise is really like two dollars.
Donation Page - Click here!

-Spread the word - Pass along information about this challenge to anyone that you think might care.  If you have family members or friends who might gain strength from this, or someone who might be willing to donate, please let them know.  We are also looking for companies and businesses that might be interested in sponsorship opportunities.

-Run or walk a race - If you've ever thought about running or walking a race, I can tell you that finally accomplishing that goal is one of the best feelings in the world.  Despite being exhausted, I've never felt better than I did after I crossed the finished line of my first half marathon.  If you want to run with me, alone, for psoriatic arthritis (please!) or another cause that matters to you - whatever.  Just get out there and do it.  A 5k or a 10k is a great starting point.  My advice?  Register for a race. As long as it's far enough in the future that you can properly train, setting a goal with a concrete date makes you so much more likely to follow through.

-Leave a note - Show some support by leaving a comment, following the blog, or sending an email, which I'll share with my mom.  Even if we're never met, words of encouragement are appreciated.