Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pre-race Update

I gotta say, I'm mad at my foot.  I coddled it.  I tried really ugly shoe things and braces and taping it in ways that made it hard to walk.  I didn't run for awhile.  Yet still, the foot isn't quite where I was hoping by now.  It's not bad at all, but I'm still limping a bit.  I did a very short run for the first time yesterday, and it seemed to be okay for awhile before I started to get some really sharp pain, so I stopped.  Doctor Dad checked it out when I went home last weekend, and thinks I pulled a ligament in my foot (which he found when I practically kicked him because it hurt!).  The great news is it should recover fine and it's not at all serious.  But in the short term, I gotta go easy on it.

So here's the plan.  I'll still be heading to Nashville on Friday no matter what for Rock N Roll Country Music (Half) Marathon.  I've got a great trip planned - why would I want to miss that?  I'm planning to complete the half marathon - maybe jogging, maybe walking, who knows.  I checked it out, and the course time limit is four hours, so unless it REALLY starts hurting I should be able to at least limp my way to the finish.  And if somehow I can't finish, so be it.  There's plenty more months to complete my twelve races. I will be there excited that the Challenge has encouraged me to see a city I've always wanted to visit.  And if we're lucky, we'll get to share the story of what we're doing and spread some hope to a few people who just might need it.

I've also realized maybe I should take some of my races easier.  I have twelve races, right?  So maybe some are jogs, while some are still races.  My body needs time to heal and recover.  The whole point of this is to be doing good things for my mom, not hurt myself.  It will not be easy to not give it anything less than 100%, but I will learn.  It's just another (awesome!) challenge.

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