Monday, October 17, 2011

DC Walk to Cure Psoriasis

My parents came into town for the event!
It was finally here.  The DC Walk to Cure Psoriasis.  Technically, the event we have been fundraising for all year (though in reality, the event has stretched way beyond that, which is great!)  This was the time I would get to see the people I had met earlier at National Volunteer Leadership Conference, and remember why I’m running these races.  It was awesome!
 The event was on a Sunday, and I’d done a complicated series of races the day before  (I ran a 5K at 8:20 AM, then ran 1.4 miles uphill, and then ran a 10K at 9 AM).  But I made sure I wasn’t too tired on Sunday because I would be running a 5k to kick off the ceremony for the walk.   
 Dad came by after our races the day before
I was lucky to be joined by my dad and sister for the run so it was even better!  Though we may not have done exactly the 5k route because of some navigating issues (seriously, don’t ever listen to my directions), we did a similar route and headed back to cheers and posters from the crowd.  
Running in to kick off the stage presentation
I need to mention one group in particular here – the Alpha Phi Omega chapter.  When I arrived (before registration had even opened), they were smiling and working hard to set up the event.  When I got back from my run, they had these signs they had made to cheer me on!  Their energy was contagious, and I can’t thank them enough for what they did.
The signs and the Alpha Phi Omega team.  Thank you so much for your support!
 Then we got to the stage presentation.  Linda, who you’ve read about before quite a few times, was there leading the event.  As always, she did a wonderful job.  She is enthusiastic and it’s obvious how much she cares about helping people (as does everyone at NPF).  The organization realizes what a personal journey this is and goes above and beyond to take care of the emotional AND physical needs associated with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis.  
Dan Farrington, the Chair of the NPF Board of Trustees even came to the event.  Great to see him again!
Julie Donaldson from SportsNet was the emcee, and it was great to have her out there with us.  We heard speeches from people who live with the disease daily.  Amy and Diane did a great job conveying the challenges but also sharing hope.  I think this was a great way for my mom to meet some other people who faced the same challenges she does regularly, and I highly encourage others who may be faced with psoriasis (or any disease really) to meet some people in their community who may be having a similar experience.  It’s very reassuring and helpful to know you’re not in it alone.
Julie Donaldson from SportsNet with Amy and Diane
 We heard from Caitlyn and Amanda, the two youth ambassadors from the walk, and from others.  
Caitlyn and Amanda, the youth ambassadors
There were awards for teams with the most people there (congrats to the American soccer team that won this), and I was presented with a generous gift card. 
 The American women's soccer team.  Look how many showed up!
I can’t wait to try Vespucci restaurant and am so appreciative of the generous gift card and your kind words.  Eventually, it was time to kick off the walk!
Thank you for my gift card to Vespucci.  Can't wait to try it!
Though we kicked off the walk, my family stayed back since my mom can’t walk that far.  We were able to see the teams returning and talk to them before heading out.  
 And the walk begins!
Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, especially Linda.  Her hard work for months leading up to this was pretty evident.  Awesome way to celebrate the year!

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